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streptocarpus and other gesneriads

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The list and photos of my plants 
Remembering John (D.Thompson) 
Beautiful deep dark blue blossoms with white upper lobes and dark blue webbing through out, the under side of the blossoms are white.
Rosebud (B.Schwarz) 
Large ruffled deep pink with extra petals clustered in center. The first double flowered Streptocarpus. Very free flowering. Medium green foliage.
Roulette Azur (Fleischle Gartenblau) 
Amazing colour pattern with blue border around a sharp white centre. Compact stems on a medium sized plant.
Roulette Cherry (Fleischle Gartenblau)
Amazing colour pattern with scarlet red border around a sharp white centre. Compact stems on a medium sized plant.
 Ruffled Rose (Burchett)
Rozevláté, velké, poloplné, světle růžové květy s tmavými paprsky vycházejícími z hrdla.
Ruffles ´n´Pink (J. Ford)
Lavish semi-double fringed blooms of cerise-pink and a striking yellow throat.
Salmon Sunset (D.Thompson)
(S. 'Michael' x S. 'Texas Hot Chili') 1.75" pinkish orange with dark red and yellow throat; prolific bloomer.
Saturn (D.Thompson)
this large-growing cultivar has rosy red flowers with a huge, pure white eye. The petal surface has a unique, seersucker-like texture. (Night Beacon X Fleischle Roulette).
 Savanna´s Pink Satin (S. Garcia) 
Creamy pink fluted blossoms, darker edges, with pale purple stripes coming from the center. Compact bloomer
Seren (R.Dibley)
This is a new colour break. A strong yellow background with inky blue veins and violet-blue edging. A compact habit which is very free flowering over 10 months
Shenandoah Shiloh (Brennan)
has large, royal purple blossoms with darker purple veining and is highlighted by a thin, bright white edging. The throat is snow white.
 Shizuka  (Okuto)
Raspberry red flowers with wide yellow throat.
 Sian (R.Dibley)
The flowers are wisteria blue with strong yellow eye and thin blue lines emanating from the throat.
Silvia  (from Sweden)
Heavily ruffled lavender-purple blooms w/darker upper lobes which edge the lower lobes, accented by a deep yellow throat with light purple veining.
Snow Rose (LLG)
Enchanting dark dusty rose flowers have throats of white accentuated with deep red striping.
Snow White (C. Broertjes)
Diploid mutant clone from 'Maassen's White' treated with colchicine and x-radiation. Differs from 'Maassen's White' in more tubular flowers, almost erect in the calyx. "Miniature sport".
Snowkist Strawberry Fizz (Kuepter)
Huge flowered plant. Masses of crushed strawberry coloured flowers, splattered with white frosting and a thin white picotee edge.
Spin Art (D.Thompson)
This is a purple flower with a broken yellow throat and wildly random splashes of red.
Stephanie (R.Dibley)
Lilac background with deep purple veining over all the petals. small flowers and incredibly free flowering. This plants starts to flower very early and will carry on for a very long period.
Streaker  (J.Pardo)
Light blue flowers, midway between nymph and Rexii (type) large solid dark blotch in throat. Flowers are viriously striped blue and pink. Novel and distinctive
Stroke of Luck (Cloud Nine???)
White flower with purple webbing on the lower three lobes, and webbing on the outer edges of the upper two lobes,  white throat with yellow extending onto the lower lobe.
 Summer Parfait (D.Thompson)
(The King X Hera) 2.25" flower with upper lip light lavender and lower lip reddish lavender and darker and with darker veining throughout; reverse white; ruffled; prolific bloomer.
Susan (Dibley)
A well rounded plant of short habit. Many intense magenta flowers with golden yellow centres produced on each stalk. Very spectacular.
Tarja´s Roger W. (E.Rourke)
Dark blue-purple flowers heavily streaked with pink fantasy marks
Texas Hot Chilli  (D. Martens)
(S. 'Joker' selfed) x self) Compact rosette. Red flowers/yellow throat fades to cream as matures
Toronto Silver Splash (Paul Lee)
(S. 'Fancy Pants' x S. 'Pegasus') a stunning and very rare darkpurple/blue flower with shiny silver fantasy splashes
Vinga (G. Ridderberg)
 Flowers are dark purple sprinkled zillions of with tiny dots. Full network of fine dark veins on all lobes. The purple fades into a yellow / cream colored throat. compact, heavy bloomer. Medium green foliage.
Watermelon Wine
(S.'Eclipse' x self) A rose pink variety with deeper red markings on the lower lobes. A strong variety
Wendy (R.Dibley)
The largest pure white flower available. The flowers are born on strait upright stems from a vigorous plant. A sport of 'Joanna' and like its parent this makes an excellent specimen plant for showing
Wiesmoor Blue
Wiesmoor Red
Striking ruby, trumpet shaped flowers. Fewer but larger blooms than other varieties, carried on short stalks.