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streptocarpus and other gesneriads

Gesneriads with Scaly Rhizomes
A c h i m e n e s
Achimenes is a genus of about 25 species of tropical and subtropical rhizomatous perennial herbs in the flowering plant family Gesneriaceae. They have a multitude of common names such as Magic Flowers, Widow's Tears, Cupid's Bower, or Hot Water Plant. The plant's name comes from the Greek word meaning "suffer from cold."
The genus is native to North America (Mexico) and Central America, with one species (A. erecta) occurring naturally in the West Indies. The largest number of species is found in Mexico. Several species and hybrids are widely cultivated and naturalized outside their native range. A complete list of the species, with their synonyms and geographic distributions, can be found in the Smithsonian Institution's World Checklist of Gesneriaceae.
Two species previously included in Achimenes are now classified in the segregation genus Eucodonia and several phylogenetic studies have supported this separation.
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plants from my collection
A. Stan´s Delight
A. Erecta
A. Summer Sunset
A. Yellow Beauty
A. Robert Dressler 
Cote d´Ivoire 
Dale Martens
Eric Blue
Golden Lady
Hard to get
Ice Tea
Serge Fantasy
Serge Saliba
White Glory
xAchicodonia (achimenes x eucodonia)  Dark Star
xAchimenantha (achimenes x smithiantha)  Aries
E u c o d o n i a 
...produce scaly rhizomes as part of their root structure, and are readily propagated from these. Their ranges in south and central America overlap.  Two species previously included in Achimenes are now classified in the segregation genus Eucodonia and several phylogenetic studies have supported this separation.
 plants from my collection:
E. Adele                                                              E. Verticillata "Frances"
E. Adele - (Hybridized by P. Worley; Year of Registration or Introduction 1983).  Large lilac and white nodding flowers. Red backed, bronzy testured leaves. Very compact, excellent bloomer.
E. Verticillata "Frances" -    
K o h l e r i a
Kohleria is a New World genus of the flowering plant family Gesneriaceae. The plants are generally tropical herbs or subshrubs with velvety stems and foliage and brightly colored flowers with spots or markings in contrasting colors. They are rhizomatous and commonly include a period of dormancy in their growth cycle. The genus was recently revised by Kvist & Skog (1992) and was recognized as having 19 species distributed in Central America and South America. Recent phylogenetic work by Roalson et al. (2005) indicated that the epiphytic genus Capanea is derived from within Kohleria, and the two species of Capanea were subsequently transferred to Kohleria. The genus Pearcea is closely related.
Because of their colorful and exotically patterned flowers, as well as a general interest in the many tropical flowering plants that were being introduced for the first time from the Americas, kohlerias were very popular in England and Europe in the 19th Century. Many species and hybrids were lavishly illustrated in horticultural magazines such as Curtis's Botanical Magazine under the discarded or erroneous names of Achimenes, Gesneria, Isoloma, Sciadocalyx, and Tydaea. These species and hybrids almost entirely disappeared in the early 20th Century, and plant breeders have only recently begun to work extensively with this genus again.
Several species are widespread, variable, weedy, and tend to hybridize in the wild, and numerous names have been described that are synonyms of other species or are hybrid taxa.
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 plants from my collection:
                                 Jester                                       Peridot´s Potlach                                      Sunshine    
                  Tropical Night                                     Warscewieczii                                        Ampalang 
          HCY´S Jardin De Monet                     An´s Nagging Macaws                        Karl Lindberg
                                   ???                                                     Ruby                                            Mother´s Lipstick
                        Clytie                                           Lucky Lucifer                                             Manchu
Amadeus -
Ampallang (Boggan) -  Plenty of fine, rose-purple speckles on white face.  Soft, medium green, upright foliage.  Easy and heavy bloomer.
An´s Nagging Macaws
Carnival - Red, tubular flowers finely dotted with scarlet.  Medium green leaves with dark veining.  Medium grower and free bloomer.
Clytie - Gorgeous, compact grower with white blooms densely spotted with heavy orange-red splashes.  Fuzzy, medium-dark foliage.  Extremely profuse bloomer.  Excellent.
Coccinea -
HCY´S Jardin De Monet -
Heartland Blackberry Butterfly  Dark, fuzzy, red-backed leaves with very unusual blooms of blackish-maroon spotting on cream-white face.  Very different and well worth growing. 
Jester (Worley) - A compact sturdy plant 25 - 30 cm hight. An exceptionally stunning variety, well worth growing. Vigorous grower and bloomer.  Flowers a lovely shade of amethyst-violet heavily spotted with large red dots on lower face.  Velvety leaves.   
Karl Lindberg -   Large dark purple and white mottled blooms. Medium green leaves, compact.
Lady in Red
Lilla Guben
Lucky Lucifer - 
Mother´s Lipstick (Olsson) - Purple blooms covered with orange hairs, whitish-green face spotted purple.  A spectacular, striking bloom.  Dark foliage, vigorous grower.
Peridot´s Nellie Sleeth
Peridot´s Potlach (James) - Fuzzy blooms with orange back, bright yellow throat, and yellow face distinctly dotted with dark orange.  Medium-dark foliage with some lighter silver veining in center.  Good bloomer on compact, upright, grower.
Ruby (Boggan) - Lovely carmine-pink blooms, with pink netting and spotting on lower white lobes. Very dark, olive-green, red-backed foliage. Heavy bloomer.
Scyadotydea - hybrid -
Silver Feather - One of the most beautiful for its unusual foliage. Crimson spots on face of butter-yellow and light orange blooms, with dark orange-red back. Exquisite, slate-gray foliage with broad silver 'feathering' in center. Beautiful!
Strawberry Fields -  
Sunshine - A lovely upright variety (25 - 30 cm hight) that literally smothers itself with bright pink spotted flowers.
Texas Rainbow -
Tropical Night - One of the very best.  Never-ending masses of fuzzy, dark orange-backed blooms with cream throat and face, heavily dotted dark orange.  Dark, quilted, upright foliage.  Extremely profuse. 
Warscewieczii  (digitaliflora) - As the old name implies, the flowers resemble a foxglove. A bit taller grower, but very unusual and striking blooms.  Large, creamy-white blooms with backward-bending petals, sometimes with touch of green, distinctly spotted with dark purple and lighter lavender purple backing.